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  • Microsoft Promises Not to Sue Over GPLv2 Compliance Issues
  • How to use Ansible to patch systems and install applications
  • Yoda - The Command line Personal Assistant For Your Linux System
  • How To Install/Upgrade Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) In Oracle Linux
  • How to Install and Configure Webmin on Debian 9 and Ubuntu Server
  • Using A Raspberry Pi to Monitor Internet Speeds
  • How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 Beta From Ubuntu 17.10
  • 5 Useful Terminal Tools to Better Manage Processes in Linux
  • AMD Confirms Newly-Found Security Flaws in Some of Its Chips, Fixes Coming Soon
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  • US Spending Bill Contains CLOUD Act, a Win For Tech and Law Enforcement
  • Best Buy Stops Selling Huawei Smartphones
  • A 15-Year-Old Hacked the Secure Ledger Crypto Wallet
  • Twitter CEO Says Bitcoin Will Be the World's 'Single Currency' In 10 Years
  • Google Is Buying Innovative Camera Startup Lytro For $40 Million
  • Russia Secretly Helped Venezuela Launch a Cryptocurrency To Evade US Sanctions
  • Police Release First Video From Inside the Uber Self-Driving Car That Killed a Pedestrian
  • Ask Slashdot: Were Developments In Technology More Exciting 30 Years Ago?
  • YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the Gun Control Debate
  • AT&T Suffers Another Blow In Court Over Throttling of 'Unlimited' Data
  • Water Shortages Could Affect 5 Billion People By 2050, UNESCO Warns
  • Senate Passes Controversial Online Sex Trafficking Bill
  • Mark Zuckerberg Addresses the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Says Facebook 'Made Mistakes' in Protecting Data
  • People Were Asked To Name Women Tech Leaders. They Said 'Alexa' and 'Siri'
  • Robots Are Trying To Pick Strawberries. So Far, They're Not Very Good At It
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  • Linux! and the EFnet IRC channel #Linux

    Linux is a Unix-like operating system, originally designed by Linus Torvalds, for the x86 platform. It has since been ported to Alpha, Macintosh, and other platforms. It is freely available via WWW or ftp. Can also be purchased on CDROM at a minimal cost.


    The Linux operating system comes in different distributions. Popular distributions include Slackware, Debian, SUSE, Red Hat, and many more. Do NOT ask us what the "best" distribution is, any of the major dists should be fine for you to try. Just avoid anything that runs from a windows (UMSDOS) partition.

    The main differences between the various distributions are the formats of the software packages, the package maintenance programs, and minor directory structure changes.

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