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  • Spanish Engineers Extract Drinking Water From Thin Air
  • Netflix Announces SpaceX Documentary On Civilian Mission Into Orbit
  • The State Department and 3 Other US Agencies Earn a D For Cybersecurity
  • Senate Democrats To Introduce Legislation That Would Tax Energy Companies Responsible For Major Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • The IRS Has Seized $1.2 Billion Worth of Cryptocurrency This Fiscal Year
  • NYT Crossword Puzzle No Longer Works In Third-Party Apps
  • Firefox Lost Almost 50 Million Users In 3 Years
  • Google+ Class Action Starts Paying Out $2.15 For G+ Privacy Violations
  • Colleges Across the US and Canada Are Adopting Virtual Student IDs
  • Miami Launches 'MiamiCoin' Cryptocurrency
  • Senators Propose Exclusion of Miners, Software Developers in Infrastructure Bill's Crypto 'Broker' Definition
  • Head of UN Health Agency Seeks Vaccine Booster Moratorium
  • Passwordstate Customers Complain of Silence and Secrecy After Cyberattack
  • Facebook Cuts Off NYU Researcher Access, Prompting Rebuke From Lawmakers
  • Retracted COVID Paper Lives on in New Citations
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