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  • Red Hat CEO: Remote Working is 'Just Another Day' to the Open Source World
  • Gunman Livestreams Killing of 10 On Twitch - After Radicalization On 4chan
  • Elon Musk Warns Twitter Users, 'You Are Being Manipulated by the Algorithm'
  • Nuclear Energy: the Case Against
  • America's FAA Shifts Gears Slightly on Certifying Future 'Flying Taxi' Pilots
  • Should Social Networks Let You Take Your Followers to Other Services?
  • CentOS Successor Rocky Linux Gets $26M to Fund Push Into Enterprise Space
  • Hackers Are Exploiting WordPress Tools to Hawk Scams
  • Want to Run Python Code in a Browser? Soon You Might Be Able To
  • After 28 Flights, Is NASA's 'Ingenuity' Mars Helicopter Nearing the End of Its Life?
  • FAA Revokes Certificates of Two Pilots Involved in Plane-Swapping Attempt
  • Security Expert Nabs Expired Domain for a Popular NPM Library's Email Address
  • White House Joins OpenSSF, Linux Foundation In Securing Open-Source Software
  • Classic Japanese Audio Brand Onkyo Files For Bankruptcy
  • House of Representatives To Give Staff Free Peloton Memberships
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